Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pyramids, Sphinx, Under World, Heaven Gates of East Jerusalem, Wall Street, Ancient Aliens, and more...

A message from the Galactic Federation of Light - Channeled on 2/19/13 by Anna Merkaba - Pyramids, Sphinx, Under World, Heaven Gates of East Jerusalem, Wall Street, Ancient Aliens, and more...

There are further developments that are occurring right now, the next developments are going to occur are next to the Egyptian pyramids, that you are seeing correctly so, for there will be a new major discovery that will be presented to the world, finally so, to accentuate the knowledge that has been held within the great deep pyramid, to accentuate the knowledge that you do come from another civilization, that you are indeed part of another world, and other ancient civilization that came from out of space.

And yes indeed, it will be proven to you shortly so, for those that are interested we ask that you pay special attention to the Egyptian discoveries, to the archaeological newspapers and such informative channels, for in the great Pyramid of Giza, and in the Sphinx yes indeed the Sphinx there are hidden codes, hidden information in the Sphinx that are going to be unearthed for they are below the sphinx, and below the sphinx there is a gateway and entry way into another dimension. 

Yes that is correct there is and we repeat this to you again an entry way into the another DIMENSION, a dimension that is guarded by the souls that dwell within, a dimension of the of the souls who are the caretaker of the earth, yes indeed it is true, that there are those souls who are living deep within the earth’s fields and they are taking care of the earth from within and that is why you have been hearing stories of the underworld however it is not what you were told it to be it is NOT hell at all, and we repeat that these souls are taking care of the earth energies (good guys) so that it can stay intact.  

When the sphinx will be removed energetically so, and there are going to be discoveries made, they will not know that there is an entry way to another dimension, for that is blocked off from them, however, they will discover artifacts that are going to prove the existence of various alien races on the planet earth once again. And this time they will announce it in the scientific news, archaeological news, but as is always is the case it will go unnoticed or mostly unnoticed by the rest of the world, and that is okay, for this information is made public to those that need to know. 

These are the news that is going to occur shortly. It is very important and hence we bring this information to you. On a global scale there is going to be some instigated terrorist attacks, the middle east, there is going to be some major events occurring in Israel, Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc and thereby we are sending our troops there, to stand by to assist in alleviating the fires that are about to erupt, for the government yet again refuses to give up control to the light ones, for the dark ones are refusing to give up control, they wish to remain at the control but it is useless

Money situation is being postponed, it is true indeed that we are postponing the exchange of the currency, for a later time, for there are more important issues at the present moment are indeed necessary to be taken care of, and we are working closely with everyone involved in order to facilitate the changes as soon as possible, but yes indeed it is true that the wall street is not going to survive this, and the banks will collapse and that is the ultimate truth, but do not worry for when the new systems sets in you will be very well provided for and protected, etc,. etc., we do now wish for you to worry we simply bring this information to you at this time to assist you with the necessary adjustments  that are going to take place and to prepare your psyche for what is to come, so that in the midst of panic YOU LIGHT WORKERS remain CALM.

Expect to see a lot of movement and a lot of energy in the middles east and send them you love.  This time it will be different for the gates will be opened, the gates will be opened, and we ask you to prepare, for you are going to be needed there. 

The Gates of Heaven & Earth - East Jerusalem
The gates will be opened between the Heaven and Earth, between the Heaven and Earth the gates will be opened, and hence a lot of positive energy will flow through to the world, but the gates will be opened, and there may be some turbulence along the way, that is nothing to be concerned over for your mind is drawing some dire pictures that are not necessary to be there. 

The gates of Heaven and Earth are going to open up in the east Jerusalem very soon, and you will see a lot of people exclaim that the messiah has come. 

But that is simply not so, for the messiah is already here, on earth right now, in the form that everyone understands, the mesiah is love, love dear child, that is the messiah – EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU IS THE MESSIAH! We are here only to help you, we are here to guide you, we love you so very much, and we are with you every step of the way and so it is. We love you goodbye for now.  


  1. I had a vision of a pyramid . A black" line" travelled towards each side of the pyramid.
    I went down into and underneath the pyramid.
    Down into a chasm, that was eventually lined with foliage. I could see a beautiful landscape of lush forest .
    A beautiful soft pink light lit this"world". It was a quality of light that I've not seen before. There were copper coloured, cigar shaped transport "ships" , and tall pastel coloured tubes running up to a higher place.
    This was all very strange to me.
    Does anyone know what this could mean?

  2. Yes- you ate too much cheese before you went to bed.

    See you on the other side/

  3. Ever since I was a child ive had an unexplainable obcession with Egypt and having to go there. My dream job is and has always been archaeology. Since my awakening I've had this urge to go to the sphynx and pyramid to look for the gate the underground city and the merkaba to which defend the world with.

  4. Crappy article saying nonsense