Monday, March 18, 2013

3D vs 5D reality by Metatrone

3D vs 5D reality.

Yes dear child, we are connected. Yes Arch Angel Metatrone is here, yes beloved child I am here with you and am ready to answer your questions. I will attempt to explain this to you in such a way that you understand.

3D universe is where your body is made up of particles and atoms and such, its a miraculous machine that you have created for yourselves.. yes indeed all of you have created this machine, and let me tell you that it is true that there are other machines out there that all of you are calling aliens for they are really all flesh and blood most of them anyway that are like you in a 3D universe in a 3D environment, they just do not have a veil of forgetfulness as you do.
What is happening on your earth right now is your body is beginning to change and you are able to change the codex from within, you are able to change the actual tissues that make up your body. And just like ascended masters you are able to walk through walls, or ceilings of floors, for you are able to exactly attune your vibrations, and when I say vibration what I mean is you are able to change the particles within your bodies in order to merge these particles with a wall for example and you are then able to walk past that wall and appear on the other side of it.. That is precisely what is happening…

But first with your minds you are creating another reality; you are getting ready for you to step into it. So what you are trying to do on earth is something that has not been done before from a physical body, for everything has been done for you by you while in spirit form, while in such form that you are ready to go into the physical and create another world altogether.

So what you are actually doing is first in your mind you are creating the world that you wish to live in. let us assume for a moment that you are desiring to live in a location where there are certain types of trees, certain types of animals and certain types o birds.. or where there are 3 suns or 2 and so on.. What you are creating with your minds is another planet, another location, that you are going to be moving to. A location that you have created with the power of your mind. The next step in your evolution would then be for you to move into that place, so you are building house with your mind, and then you are ready to move into that house.
Now since so many of you have asked to create this new reality and we are talking about the humanity at the present moment, and since so many of the human souls have incarnated on earth over and over and over again and were not able to move forward due to the fact that they are stuck it wheel of the karmic understanding of existence, they have cried out to us b/c they have required the help of someone more advanced to come into their existence and show them how it is done, and that is what many of you light workers as you call yourselves are here to do , you are really here to show the rest of the souls who are presently in the human form locked in this existence, that none of what they believe to be real is indeed real, for it is not, it is just an illusion and once they are able to realize that it is indeed an illusion and that they are indeed creating with their minds, and not their hearts, they will then be able to let go of all the frustration that they have created and forgive each other for all the numerous hurts an pains caused over the eons of being here on planet earth. And in so doing they are going to liberate themselves from the wheel of the karmic existence.

And so, you are here to show them the way, for you have already gone through this experiment on a small scale, and you have risen above and were able to do it once before. And now you have come to them to show them how it is done, and it matters not which planet you have lived on before for what matters I that all of you who are currently here as light workers are very advanced souls, and it doesn’t matter which planets you come from or where you have dwelled before incarnating on earth, for all of you are the same souls, just souls and that is what you are.. and so there are advanced souls and then there are those that are not.

But going back to the question of what is to happen. Your new planet that all of you have been asking and desiring and creating has already been built by your own minds, from the 3D plane of existence that you are finding yourself in. And that is a magnificent event in the history of this universe. Now that it has been built you are now in a position to switch over to it, and to go to this new planet and stay there for as long as you wish, and yes the old planet is still going to remain, it is not going to go anywhere until every single soul and every single being on planet earth is ready to move forward.. so yes in essence there are  different earths that are in existence and what you are doing essentially is migrating from one place to another.

Should you wish to go back to visit the old earth you are welcome to do so, you are always doing it, you are just not aware of it. When you go to sleep you are leaving this plane of existence and moving to another and yet another and so on,  you are always traveling you are traveling all over the universe, when you are in your dream state  you are not dreaming but you are experiencing all of this, and it’s not an illusion it is the truth dear child.

Everything that you wish to manifest in your day life is going to be manifesting into it rapidly now. Your dream state is going to be merging with your “reality” when you are awake. You are going to be finding yourself here and there simultaneously so. While the people around you that you are close to, friends, relatives, etc., are either going to stay with you on your wavelength (if that is their choice) or disappear from view. That is not to say that they are not going to exist. They will exist, but you may not hear from them, or not wish to communicate with them any longer. 

Your world is going to change, you will find yourselves in situations that you didn’t think were possible before, everything that you wish to happen in your life will… you will still hear the horror stories of what is happening in your old world/planet  should these stories continue .. But it is not going to effect you, for you are going to be living in a different world , the world that you are looking to live in, the world that you have created.

It is your life that is going to change and when everyone is ready to move into the new world.. the old earth is going to be placed in a museum of sorts , no one is going to be able to reincarnate there again, it will only be a place to learn from of how things have happened, etc  But it is not going to happen for a long time. There is a lot of information that we are going to be sharing with you as the time proceeds. We love you. Goodbye for now. 


  1. Hi I tried clearing my mind and walking through a wall and Now im posting this from the hospital... thanks... u'll get people hurt with this nonsense