About Me

I have come from the stars, and this is my first time incarnating as a human on earth. I was born with all the abilities that I now have when I was a child I was able to heal people, see things that others have not, communicate with the angelic realm and other places and much more, due to the way our society is structured I had to hide my abilities from the world, put on a mask and pretend to be someone I wasn't, then when I've finally managed to push my true essence into a box that was very convenient for others to carry around I got very ill, I was dying, nothing was helping me, all medicines failed to work I've had nothing left in me and I let go and said I've had enough (you can read about my experience here) suddenly i clearly heard a voice calling my name and telling me what to do to get better quickly. Miraculously I was healed very shortly and have re-discovered what I was able to do when I was a kid. Channel, Heal and much more. I am an intuitive channeler, medium, psychic, healer (reiki and otherwise), and a portal for the human race. I strongly believe that EVERYONE here on earth can do what I do, it's just laying dormant until a moment in time when you will wake up, believe and allow. 
 Love and Light to you all.

The pointed star of David is a highly intuitive star… the pointed star of David is the star to which you belong, and you are being guided to follow the path of the six pointed star.. the love and the unity between a man and a woman… each is merging and so is your soul and the different parts of the soul and the star are rising and uniting and melding into one


  1. It's an honnor to get to know you better.
    Thanks for sharing the channelings, specially Kryon's.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience with meeting yourself. It was wonderful and enlightening and I look forward to my own experience. I'm passing on your story, too.
    I'm wondering if you could clarify: You say that you're part of the GFOL. That's wonderful. I trust you, and many others, and thus I now feel more comfort and trust about the GFOL. But I'm confused about the disinformation... http://somethingthatdescribesmeandmyarticles.blogspot.com/2013/03/disinformation-ascension-chambers-tolec.html
    If you could comment on that or email me, and explain what your perspective is, or send me a link if you've already written about it, I would be so ever grateful, and so would my readers :)

    Thank you Anna!

    1. please can you tell me how to pay by visa, I can't do it.
      Many thanks mercedesniebla.info@gmail.com

  3. I am interested in purchasing a healing session from you but I would like to ask you a couple of questions first. Is there an email address you can provide me with or even a number to chat?


  4. you are such a beuatiful heart, Anna!!! Your pure energies are so amazing and felt strongly by me! you are a bright shining light and I AM grateful and honored as well to have you here with us ♥ Love, Méline

  5. Anna I also would like to know how to write you in email for a healing session?


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