Psychic Readings

Life is a maze and we are often lost in it, but it doesn't have to be that way. As hard as it may be for you to believe on a deeper level you already know the reason that you are here and you can connect to the divine and receive answers from the universe. Sometimes these abilities are blocked due to various circumstances you may be experiencing in your life, which forces you to seek someone out who can help you find your way, who can tell you where you have come from, why you are here, why there are roadblocks in your way, and what is the universe trying to tell you. 
Let me help you find the answers that you are looking for, let me be your guide on this side of the veil and help you find the answers to:

-Past Life Readings
-Life purpose
-Past Life 
-Your destiny
-Aura Readings
-Find out why you are sick, and what to do about it to heal
-Find out why you are lonely (have not met your soul mate  or are having trouble in relationships), and how to solve these issues
-Find out why you lack money, what is blocking your success, and what to do about that

Any questions that you have, can be answered by your guides through me. Let me connect you with the divine so that you can hear the answers about your life from your guardian angels, from the source. 

Here is what others have to say:

"He is very playful indeed and that is what confuses a lot of the ones that he is in communication with, for they believe that he is not capable of sustaining himself and his reality in the reality that he is in now..."
Well i used to have a "problem" with relationships in the sense that i can't seem to communicate with people. Well i can speak with them but i feel we can't really communicate heart to heart. The above phrase was part of Anna's awesome reading. It made so much sense why people can't "trust" me in a sense. They feel threatened or vulnerable due to my playful approach 24/7. It helps so much to be able to see the world and yourself from the eyes of the society around you and realize how people perceive your approach to life. Knowing the reason WHY some things happen again and again can actually heal old or new made wounds of yourself.
I am honored to have met Anna and feel such a gratitude for her presence as well as her truly precious gifts and insights she carries with her on Earth since she was born. Wish you all the best and thank you from the heart. 
Mike Nikolaou*"

"Anna is my FB friend but we hadn't really connected personally yet.really connected personally yet. Out of the goodness of her heart she reached out to me because she knew I am going through one of the toughest times in my life. Tragic almost. She said wonderful things and spent quite a lot of time with me to try and help me on my spiritual path. I will never forget it. She didn't want a thing from me other than to let go of my pain. I will always love her for that and always call her my friend! " ~ Debbie

"WOW!! Amazing!!  I want to whole-heartedly Thank You!! The message as I read it is:  "Just Be, Just Do and Fear Not"  These were just a few of the questions I ponder daily." Again Ms Anna, I THANK YOU, I THANK YOU!  ~ Doug

"Thank you so much anna .god bless you always   " ~ Gafki 

"thanks for everything  x" Charlotte  

"Anna,Thank you so much..This is confirmation for my struggles to open to a new way.  I have felt so alone in this, but now, so much more comforted.  May you be blessed always on your path.Susan"

"Anna is an amazingly talented psychic and channeler.  She did a reading for me, relating the details of several of my past lives, and I was absolutely astounded.  Even if I were a little bit skeptical, I have to admit that the picture she painted described the deepest parts of me perfectly – from my grandest dreams to my deepest fears, shedding light on things that were bewildering.  She brought closure to some of the most burning questions of my life, allowing for spiritual healing that is beyond any ordinary means.  I highly recommend her services for any one who has questions about their current or past lives." – David. 


E-mail readings work a little bit different than live ones. The difference between them is that I have less interruption by various energies that the client (you) project and therefore I am able to gain more information about your issue than through a live reading. 

Here also, I am able to ask what healing techniques would work for a client that is asking about health related issues. I am given guidance to tell the client to acquire particular remedies for their situation, a lot of times I am guided to choose various healing gem stones for a client, colors that would help them make necessary adjustments in the body, food that they should eat or avoid, scents, and other necessary changes in order to facilitate healing as soon as possible.  

A lot more information can be obtained from your guardian Angels in an e-mail reading which makes it a more preferred way for both the client and myself. 

If you are interested in an e-mail reading, please collect a list of your most important questions (up to 2 per reading) that you have and send it to annamerkaba[at]

Proceed to payment options below. A full reading of up to 2 questions is $69.99. Thank you



  1. Anna! I made my payment so now i just send you the questions? Thank you so much for your guidance! Love & Blessings! :>)di rainbowolf~bridge

  2. Anna! My reading is just wonderful & such perfect timing for my work in the here & now! I am so grateful to you & the Beloveds for the incredible Love & Compassion that is pouring forth from the very Heart of our Collective Universe! THANK YOU FOREVER!! ALLLOVE & Bright Blessings!!!!! :>)di

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  3. Anna I contact les Green, hi recommend me to you. That you can help me for a session. my email is 1347 500 0705

  4. Anna,
    It sounds like you are very respected and have helped a lot of people. I've worked with a psychic and have heard many different theories on Ouija boards. Would love to know your thoughts on if they are dangerous for an everyday person to interact with. Thanks!

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  7. Hi Anna I am a reader of your channelings for a couple of years now and I know you are currently not providing readings which is a bit sad since you are one of the few legitimate channelers I have been following in the past couple of years. If you ever change your mind, we just oppened an online market place for psychic readings and spiritual related services (site name: ) Bless you.

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